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Dublin Bus tickets

are supposed to save you money, aren’t they? And yet to buy a monthly ticket for the calendar month of March will cost me €98.00 as it would every month, yet to pay bus fare into and out of town once a day will amount to €96.80?

€2.20 in, €2.20 out = €4.40 per day X 22 working days in March = €96.80

Sure, it’s only €1.20 and the ticket will possibly be used during one of the intervening weekends-but not everyone would use it during weekends. Times were the bus tickets would save you money as well as save you the inconvenience of having the right change all of the time. Bah.


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Two is the magic number

Two corsets.

Two colours.

Two euro each.



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So I’m no longer a Blog Awards virgin. Had my first taste of it at the weekend. And by God was it interesting and fun!

The hotel was funky and fun, the staff were great, and the beds were oh so comfy-just what you need!

The ceremony itself was my favourite part of the night, the excitement and laughter and anticipation of 400 people all crammed into one room just made for a fantastic atmosphere and the videos and general heckles of “Do you know Anto?” and “You’re gorgeous!” added to that atmosphere of fun.

There were lots of deserving winners, shortlisted nominees, and supporters of each of them. Most winners were there, a few were not but Rick kept the ceremony moving at a good pace either way, no one got bored or lost along the way and I think everyone enjoyed the intervening videos. Thank goodness, after all the work, blood, sweat and tears that went into them!

Heads and bodies were tired and broken by Sunday evening when we flew home to Dublin, no words to be said, no goodbyes, just drifting off home to bed.

Thanks to Mulley and his team who organised the whole thing, it was organised almost to perfection. I wonder where IBA10 will be held?

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l love visiting Alfie. He’s an enthusiastic and passionate man, caring, kind, industrious. I am injected by his enthusiasm and I feel like this is the most interesting thing I could possibly talking about right now, and in a way it is.

When I was a kid I used to play a secret game. I told no one about it, probably because somewhere deep down I thought it was more than just a game, something real that would happen to me and that I was preparing myself for. The family would usually spend a lot of time together indoors during dark winter months and to save money on electricity (I guess), lights were only used when necessary. My ‘game’ was to practice going upstairs in the dark. To feel my way up the stairs, to know where the first one started and the last one ended (there were thirteen in all) and to find my way into the bathroom if that’s where I was headed, pee, wash hands, dry hands, all in the dark. Not a very exciting game eh? But  I was so convinced that I was going to one day be blind that I thought I was doing myself a favour in being prepared for this eventuality.

The <i>actual</i> problem was that I had terrible vision from a young age and despite being sent to an optometrist in the local hospital for regular visits from the age of 5 or 6, the ancient doc there refused to prescribe me glasses and told my mother that my sight would probably improve with time. He was wrong.

I never really realised how bad my sight was, having nothing else to compare it to, but when I was fifteen I ended up in the Eye and Ear hospital in Dublin for a separate eye problem and during the routine eye test they do before examining each patient they were incredulous that I didn’t wear glasses and told me to get to an optician as soon as possible. And so I got my first pair of ‘Deirdre Barlow’ enormous glasses, covering half my face, and liek the ends of two milk bottles.

And yet I was delighted with myself.

I didn’t know the half of what I was missing and now I could see people’s actual faces on tv without sitting up real close, I could read the blackboard in school without having to squint and copy what my neighbour was writing down. Trees had proper leaves in the distance! Marvellous.

Anyway, many pairs of glasses later I decided to try contacts and that’s when I met Alfie. He had been recommended to me as an expert in contact lenses, and he most certainly is. The man has a passion and love for helping people attain the best vision possible and for the first time in all the fifteen years I have had help to see, my vision has improved in my really bad eye thanks to him and his care and attention to detail. He doesn’t go along with recommendations of the big corporations just because they tell him so, he conducts his own experiments with new materials and shapes and types of lenses on the market before he will recommend them to anyone. Right now he is off researching some new lenses for me, new to the market and I know whatever I get it will be the best he can possibly offer.

It might cost a little more but I would go to this man any day of the week before becoming a number on a conveyor belt in any of the large chain-store, one hour shops.

Thanks Alfie, I owe you lots 🙂

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I may have mentioned before that this time last year I was off travelling. I really can’t do it justice by blogging the whole trip, plus you’d probably get fed up listening to me 🙂

So I’ll just post a few of my favourite pics from each place and leave it at that. I’ll have a hard job picking a small few from my Australia and New Zealand collections, I took fecking hundreds of them!

Anyway, my first stop was Brisbane, Australia, so here are a few of my favourite photos from that leg of my trip.

I took a trip to Australia Zoo one day with some family…

Kangaroo chilling out in the afternoon sun. How relaxed does this guy look?

I hope I’m never as wrinkly as this Galapagos turtle!

A cassowary, apparently very dangerous – look at the legs on that bird!

Dusk in Brisbane city.

Just your average day on Stradbroke Island.

The main highway on Moreton Island 🙂

More to follow soon…

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For anyone who has not yet heard or read about it, a bloggers book event is being held on Wednesday evening in Dublin as part of the Blog Awards Week.

You can find all of the details from the lovely David, just be aware that the venue has now changed and the event will be held in the Teacher’s Club on Parnell Square.

Hope to see some of you there 🙂

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I know, I know, everyone is fed up of the snow posts at this stage. But this is sneachta – north Dublin style 😀

It’s not really about the snow, it’s about the morons in their cars entertaining themselves by speeding around a car park doing handbrake turns and the like.

I was really hoping they’d hit each other…they came close but unfortunately not close enough. The sooner the recession kicks in good and proper and drivers like these can no longer afford to run cars, the better – we’ll all be safer on the roads!

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