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Halloween parties are looming large on the horizon and I have no costumes. At this stage, something homemade and inventive would be much preferable to a shop bought yoke.

I’m really of the opinion that Halloween is supposed to be scary or at the very least inventive so all those ladies who take the opportunity to wear as little as possible or the most outrageously sexy thing they can get away with and call it a ‘costume’ are really missing the point of Halloween, in my opinion.

I have a few ideas or have heard ideas from people, but it’d be nice to get a few home made costume ideas together here.



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So I paid a much overdue visit to The Granny last night with my sister. Well my sister was there long before me and I, having been to an event in town, was hmmming and hawing about going until my sister sent me a text saying

“she really wants to see you and she’s got photos out”

So I got my bags and baggage (of which there was lots) together and headed off. And indeed the photos were out in force. There were lots I had never ever seen before and others I hadn’t seen in a really long time.

She told us a story about Mary. We’d heard it before. Mary was a neighbour and friend of her mothers, our great grandmother. Mary liked little ornaments and things and apparently had a vast collection which she loved and when asked could tell you where any one of them had come from. Of course Mary passed away. The Great Granny was passing the house a few days later. To her horror there was a skip outside the house and what was in it? All of Mary’s beloved ornaments, ditched outside the house like rubbish, unwanted. This prompted The Great Granny to make the decision to give away her precious things to the people she wanted to have them before she was too old or sick (or dead) to do it herself. So she gave away things like furniture, her sewing machine, particular pots, a silver teapot and so on, family heirlooms some of them, to whoever she felt would appreciate them and deserved them most.

Now The Granny has a similar idea in her head. Despite the fact that The Great Granny only died about 9 years ago, if even that,  The Granny sees 80 looming on her horizon (next birthday) and is on some sort of mission to get her things in order. She has thrown out untold treasures, photos, clothes, crockery, silver cutlery and Lord knows what else. She doesn’t like giving things away to charity (unless it’s us :P) so they all go in the bin.

Anyway, so that explains why she has been digging through old photos. Some of them were tiny little things no more than 2 or 3cm high…she has a tendency to cut them. We managed to find a small few photos of our Grandad where he hadn’t been cut out or coloured in which was nice. My sister pilfered those into an envelope she had with other photos for my dad, mostly of him as a young child.

Aside from the many photos she had of her two sons, there were lots of herself too. Some I had never seen before of her when she was as young as 18 and then a few from even before that. There’s a lot to be said for keeping photos in an airtight biscuit tin. There were photos there from the 40’s and even one from the 30’s and they were in perfect mint condition! Then we had a few letters, one she had written to an uncle of hers for Christmas 1938 wishing him a very happy Christmas. One from her younger sister telling about their brother ‘doing a line with Mary. She’s very nice. I think it will be a match’. She was right, they are still married now 🙂 No it’s not ornament Mary!

Before we left we were promised that next time, she’d be getting the newspaper clippings out. I’m not sure how happy I am about reading a lifetime worth of obituaries but there might be a few gems in there too 🙂

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Up North

Last time I was up North I took a few nice photos. Heading up again this weekend. I’m not sure I’ll get many chances to take photos but I’m sure it’ll be a lovely weekend 🙂

Whitehead, Co. Antrim

Whitehead, Co. Antrim

Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim

Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim

Islandmagee, Co. Antrim

Islandmagee, Co. Antrim

Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.

Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.

Yes the last two photos were taken out the car window 🙂 I should really wind the window down next time!

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I wouldn’t mind the ‘from Australia’ bit…but it’ll be a long while before I hit my forties!


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I walked the length and breadth of Dublin city yesterday. For two bloody hours I searched for somewhere that I could have a desk, a seat and a nearby socket to plug in my laptop. It didn’t even need to have wifi cos I had a dongle with me.

“Simple”, I thought, “I’ll get a few bits done once I settle down somewhere”.

A moment of genius led me to the Central Library, free desk space! Alas, the student population of Dublin had beaten me to it with their funky mini laptops, for the free wifi no doubt. Free desks, none with sockets.

Café in Easons O’Connell Street-no visible sockets and they were trying to shun people by fencing off parts of the seating areas – at 4.30pm.

I moved on. Insomnia on Jervis Street? It’s a pretty big coffee shop and it was 90% empty, woohoo! But no, the 10% were all sitting up against the walls and in the corners, hiding…and hogging all tables with any chance of having sockets.


The Church…a nice big pub, surely with plenty of empty tables and sockets to be had at 4.45 or so on a Wednesday evening…apparently not. Again, not very busy but everyone was hiding in the corner tables.

On I trudged to my old reliable spot, crossing the river to the IFI. Which was shut for renovations. I almost cried. And I think in my dazed and confused state I wandered back across the river…I think, I’m not even sure now.

An emergency tweet or two and I had two invitations to go join some people – back on the southside – so off I went for a much needed sit down, a cup of tea, and a chat with some nice people.

I can’t believe how difficult it is to find a usable, temporary workspace in Dublin. Perhaps I just don’t know where to look…I’m going hunting so next time, I know exactly where to go!

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I took this photo on 25 September last. I wish I’d taken the time to get out my camera instead of using my phone camera but the view is still imprinted on my mind…the HD version, not this one 🙂


You’d never guess it was taken in the middle of St. Stephens Green in Dublin City Centre, would you?

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I haven’t written anything personal here in a long time. But I can feel them. I feel the blog posts building up. When they are ready to be written they will be right at the front of my head, bursting to get out. When they are being composed they will swill and swirl around in the middle of my head, forming and breaking apart and forming again until they are right. When I am just getting to grips with what the subjects are, they will be at the distant back of my mind.

But for now they are lurking, out of reach, like slowly swirling clouds, untouchable, unthinkable behind my head.


They’ll arrive eventually.

Thanks for reading my post number 100 🙂

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