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Recently I have found myself watching more and more television. Some of them are great shows and some are just guilty pleasures. I’m sharing them here in the hopes that I’m not alone and to see who else likes the same…and what I am missing out on 😉

3078_the-apprenticefa3The Apprentice – a Monday evening must especially with the Live Blog on Culch.ie when possible, I love this show. Breff-ny, Breff-ny, Breff-ny. He started out as a gombeen but seems to have won some people over this week, myself included…:D

Location, Location, Location – I don’t know why I love this programme so much, it is probably an inherent nosiness of getting to see into so many lovely different houses, apartments, flats, conversions, cottages. Kirsty and Phil are both lovely of course too but I think it really is the amount of potential and inspiration for when I have the financial capability to move myself. Til then I can do it vicariously through the buyers on LLL.

jill-300x200Four Weddings – definitely in the ‘guilty pleasures’ box! In case you haven’t seen it, Four Weddings follows the same format as Come Dine With Me and is made by the same people. Four brides come together and attend each others weddings, scoring the food, venue, overall presentation, dress, etc. The winner and new husband receive a honeymoon of a lifetime, usually to somewhere in the Caribbean. As the viewer you get to look in on four different weddings, listen to what they all have to say about each other (yes, there can be a lot of bitching!) and just to marvel at the different things people think are ‘inspired’ for their wedding. Like the couple who took off from their reception in a sports car. To the local nightclub for more dancing!

House – well, I’m still ploughing my way through season five, I had given up on House a bit. But I have a new found love for him. Having seen the ads on tv for season six, I can’t wait to get through them all. His caustic, intelligent wit never cease to amaze and delight.

JRMThe Tudors – well ok, I only started to watch it after I was an extra on the show earlier in the summer so I am still firmly in Series One. It is looking very promising though and absolutely something I can see myself settling down to on a long winter evening for some candlelight, feasts, dances and lots of naked flesh-mostly Jonathan Rhys Meyers if we’re honest 😉

Grey’s Anatomy – one of my absolute favourites at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t watched it from the very beginning but it was part way through series one. I love this programme. I went off it a bit when Izzy ‘killed’ her husband trying to get him a new heart and all that but got back into it in a big way afterwards and I have been a firm fan since. Season Six has been great so far and I tentatively wait to see every new episode with bated breath and tissues at the ready!

Anything I have missed? Anything there you think is absolute tripe?


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Genetic Magnetic

You know how you can be instantly attracted to someone, to their smile, their eyes, their face, the whole package, before you ever talk to them? Sometimes after you’ve talked to them your whole view of them is altered and the attraction diminishes.

Sometimes you only become aware of an attraction after you’ve spoken to someone, something in the way they talk or hold themselves or express themselves to you.

Recently I was awake at an ungodly hour and I started to think about a guy I used to work with. He’s the only person I have ever had an almost gravitational pull towards. Not even attraction, something different, like we were drawn to be in each others company. He’d often visit me in my office for chats and giggles and we got on pretty well.

I hadn’t thought about him like that in ages. For quite a while after he left our company (very suddenly and under a large black cloud, I might add) he was the subject of hushed talks, whispers and then laughs, jokes and giggles. So I forgot about the other nice stuff, the lovely warmth of having someone drawn to be in your company. The funny thing is, I can’t even remember his last name but I still remember that feeling. I wonder what he’s up to now.

And if he’s still going out with that girl who refused to move in with him until he’d bought her a rock of a particular value for a particular finger…sigh.

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