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Blond Moment #4

Wow. I haven’t had a ‘blond moment’ in quite a while…and my hair was dyed brown in the interim. Den den dennnnn! :O Back to having my blond highlights now and silly moments.

I arranged to meet a friend on Wednesday for lunch. She has recently had a baby and I hadn’t seen either her or him since he was 2 weeks old so I was looking forward to it. I knew about it since last week. Had it in my calendar. I walked to meet her at 2.45pm as arranged and we decided to go to a nearby sandwich bar for lunch and off we went. She is still new to the mammy stuff and I could see she was a little bit anxious about how she would get her lunch and have the pram and where we’d sit so I picked a table with plenty of room for the pram, told her to sit down and I’d go get both of our lunches. She told me what she wanted, gave me some money for hers and off I went. I was in the queue about 2 minutes when I got that horrible sinking feeling. Checked my bag. Yep, my wallet with all my money and bank cards was…still on the kitchen table. FECK!!! Had to go back to my friend and explain to her and she had to give me money for my lunch. MORTO! I promised her that next time lunch is on me. Taking your wallet out of your bag for anything more than a few seconds is always, always a bad idea.


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