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80 years young

So The Granny was 80 years young last week. She doesn’t look a day of it to be honest and we all know better than to make a big deal out of the number. My poor youngest sister, obviously too young at 13 to have remembered the last ‘special number’ birthday – 75 – made the rookie mistake of writing ‘Happy 80th birthday’ inside her card. At least she wasn’t foolish enough to buy a card with 80 on the front.

On her 75th birthday my uncle and his wife visited The Granny with card and present. From what The Granny tells us, she opened the card which had a huge 75 on the front and in disgust she tore it up and chucked it on the fire in front of them. In reality that didn’t happen because when we saw her a few days later the torn card was still in pieces in her living room. Lesson learned anyway – no numbers.

Poor youngest sis was only 13 then and had possibly forgotten that story a bit. Cue huge intake of breath when the offending hand written numbers were spied – disgusted face – closing of card. I spied them over her shoulder and made a joke out of it. Anything to stop her tearing up a card from the next grandchild who is teetering on the brink of not really giving a damn any more. Card was kept, or at least taken home. Disaster averted.

Earlier in the day, we paid a trip here…a country drive was a lovely way to celebrate the drive even if the place she actually wanted to see was closed. We’ll go back there another day.


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This blog has been on my mind recently, I have somewhat abandoned it. April 2 this year was my last post and even that was an oasis in a non-posting desert. Hopefully I will get back to posting some stuff over the next while if I can find the time. Big IF – here’s hoping (and planning).

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