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Girly stuff

Not so long ago I went with The Mammy to a recording of For One Night Only starring Imelda May. Let’s just be clear…I loved Imelda May. LOVED her. And after the recording of the show…I adored her even more. You couldn’t meet a more honest, down to earth, real and genuine person. She is just wonderful and a truly happy person, it radiates out from her not only when she’s singing but when she was being interviewed too and most especially when talking about her family.

On the night Imelda looked amazing in a retro cut white dress with a rose pattern:

She looked amazing and wore sparkly red shoes and I wanted it – the whole outfit!! So imagine my delight one day last week when I spotted that exact dress on a dummy outside Retro in George’s Street Arcade! I went in, I asked was it the same dress (it was) and I checked that they had my size (they did). I’m not sure I can carry off white with red roses but they had the same dress in different patterns. I have made a dress-up date with a pal from work and tomorrow on our lunch break we are going to go and try on dresses. I will try on that dress.

For the first time in a long while, I have some money to spend on myself. This is a major treat for me and I can’t wait. If they have those sparkly red shoes too – sold!


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