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I found this in my drafts folder from quite a while back but it still rings true. In fact I think I have given myself something to think about!

Have people forgotten what it’s like to be alone? To be alone with your own thoughts and only yourself to listen to them?

Sometimes I think that people, caught up in the new media, social media, digital economy have forgotten that they are in fact still humans. No need to log every moment of your day, every thought, every whim, every lunch break. It’s just not that interesting. Lonely? Phone a friend. Or better still, scrape your bum off the sofa or office chair and go see them. Talk to them face to face, not through a screen or keyboard.

No one cares that it’s lunch time in your office right now or that you’ve just burned your hand while cooking dinner. If you can still tweet about it then you’re obviously fine.

Sometimes I catch myself doing it. I know why I do it. It’s a loneliness thing.  Tweeting or using Facebook for business purposes is one thing but when you get used to having an ever-willing audience, a community in which you can participate and belong to at any moment of the day, it’s hard to ignore the call when the house is empty and it’s just you, the tv and the laptop.

And yet when I do ignore it, I feel the better for it. A few hours of ‘me’ time. Visiting friends, visiting family, seeing a movie, watching tv, catching up on housework, reading a book, whatever it may be, not very exciting but better than sitting back telling the world about how bored I am.


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My poor head

When someone intimates that you might have been dropped on your head as a baby, thus explaining all of your problems, eccentricities and quirks I tend to think “Haha, good one!”.  HOWever…

I found out from my mother recently that she had in fact dropped me on my head. Well not dropped me, I fell out of my high chair or off the kitchen table or something and had ‘a lump the size of an egg’ but sure you never saw anyone (doctors) and you’re grand aren’t you? Haha.


A lump the size of an egg? No doctor? What other horrors are lurking in my past…? I dread to think!

“Ah sure you’re grand.”

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