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You’ve just come from Rick’s Part

It had been hard at first, leaving. Going off on a long journey into the unknown.  We were scared but at least we were together. They said it was our time to go, our destiny and that it would all be ok and we believed them. We were still scared though. The Big Guy kept us in the dark a while. A long, bumpy while. But eventually we were let out and placed carefully in our box under a shiny, sparkly tree decorated with coloured balls and lights and all sorts of colouredy things.

A couple of hours later and we thought the world was ending…there were excited, loud whispers followed by a countdown of some sort. Every digit nearer to zero and we were wondering if it was the end of the world…or ours at least…


– Did you hear that?

– Uh huh. What is it? Why were we left here? I don’t like it here!!


– What’s going to happen to us?


– I guess we’re about to find out

– I want to go back!!

Gasps of “He came!” followed by “Yay!!! Woohoo!!!!”

Light suddenly flooded our box as the lid was whipped off. An expectant face looked in. And broke into a huge grin. Careful hands pulled us out together, side by side.

We were glad of that, to always be together. I still wasn’t sure about this being our destiny and neither was L, I could tell by the way he kept close by me and trembled at her touch a little but she was being very gentle with us, looking at us front and back, top and bottom, over and over.

Then she spinned our wheels, Ls front wheels first with her little hand and then mine. It tickled. I liked it. I could hear Ls wheels purring in appreciation too. Before I knew what was happening, a small stockinged foot was being shoved inside each of us and we were being dragged round the carpet. Carpet is not very good for us, it makes us itch, and the fluff catches in our wheels. I think she realised this too when she kept saying “Faster, faster!” and soon we were whizzing up and down the kitchen floor on some very smooth lino. Wheeeee! Wheeee! This was great! The elves back at the factory were dead right, this was going to be great, it’s what we were made for!

“No rollerskates in the house!” a booming voice shouted. Himself and Myself had to use all of our powers to stop using our rubber stoppers. Eeek!

But before long we were out in the cold air and sunshine whizzing up and down again. We spent many hours and days and summer holidays whizzing around, up and down hills, round in circles, dancing with friends, ours and hers.

Until one horrible day. We’d been left in the wardrobe a while, languishing in a stolen Superquinn shopping basket full of old shoes and boots. She came looking for us after a while though, every time. She loved the speed and the wind in her hair and the vibrations shooting up through our wheels into the souls of her feet, tickling and itching at the same time. And she always came back to us even when other toys were held as favourite for a day or two or even a week, she always came back to us. But this day…well this day we were pulled out of the basket in the wardrobe. Her little stockinged feet were shoved into each of us. But the little stockinged feet had grown some. And the little stockinged feet weren’t so little anymore. She tried and tried, but eventually gave up. Her sad little face! Our sad little wheels and stoppers, what would become of us?

We were left languishing again in the bottom of the wardrobe for several years until the next little girl had big enough stockinged feet. She didn’t love us the same but it was ok.

‘Better to have been loved and outgrown than never to have been loved at all’ as the old elf saying goes…at least we weren’t one of these.
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For all those boys and girls who have been both naughty and nice this year, there will be an exciting Christmas tale later this evening. Fifteen very special bloggers will take part in telling a story, much like the previous Another Saturday and the Blogosfear.

Seeing as this is all Maxi’s handiwork again, you probably shouldn’t mention it to the boys and girls younger than 18 😀

Have a read of Maxi’s introduction here. Don’t forget to come back at 9pm, it’s gonna be an interesting read to say the least!

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