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I wouldn’t mind the ‘from Australia’ bit…but it’ll be a long while before I hit my forties!



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All on my own this time, yay! My sister joined her friends back in Adelaide and I headed to Melbourne from Sydney so finally I was all on my own and sooo looking forward to it. Here are some photos of my favourite bits from Melbourne 🙂

There is an open public area known as Federation Square in Melbourne, this was a photographic exhibition on show at the time called ‘All of Us’, there was a photo of one person to from every nationality living in Australia – over 400 if I remember correctly! (I am open to correction cos I can’t find the website!)

Some of the architecture around Federation Square.

A real live stick insect at the Melbourne Museum, hehe.

One of many cosy little side streets in Melbourne, it’s the most ‘European’ of the Australian cities apparently.

A bit of Melbourne graffiti.

This is Puffing Billy, a steam train running through the Dandenong Mountain ranges outside Melbourne. I’m glad to see on the website that despite the recent bush fires, Billy is still puffing. I had great fun on this train hanging out the windows, I’m such a big kid!

While in Melbourne, I also took a road trip down the Great Ocean Road to Grampian’s National Park, there was absolutely stunning scenery over all of the 3 days but here are a few photos just to give you a flavour of what it was like.

This view was well worth the long, hot climb to get there.

Seeing wild kangaroos at dusk out in a small town in the middle of the bush – priceless.

I think that’s enough for the minute…that’s the end of my Australian adventure. If any of you are enjoying the travel aspect of these posts and would like to read about some more far-flung and some unusual places try out theantitourist.com, a collective travel journal.

Next stop for me, Christchurch, New Zealand 🙂

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Last time I put up pictures of my first stop which was Brisbane and surrounding areas. After Brisbane myself and my sister headed off to Sydney for a week.

The token Sydney Opera House photo.

A very close look at the outside tiles of the Opera House. Pretty pattern, eh?

Sydney bridge and the Sydney Opera House, viewed from the Botanic Gardens.

Flying foxes hanging around in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. There were hundreds of these guys and even though it was day time, they were still flitting about, some with babies in pouches-amazing!

Some super cute fairy penguins in a wildlife park outside Sydney on our way to the Blue Mountains.

A friendly looking fellow at the Sydney Aquarium.

My favourite part of the Sydney Aquarium – a wall of glass looking into the main part of the aquarium with shoals of tropical fish swimming happily alongside sharks of all sizes. There was relaxing music in the background and I could have happily sat there all night watching them swim by.

That was my whistle-stop tour of Sydney…next stop Melbourne 🙂

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I may have mentioned before that this time last year I was off travelling. I really can’t do it justice by blogging the whole trip, plus you’d probably get fed up listening to me 🙂

So I’ll just post a few of my favourite pics from each place and leave it at that. I’ll have a hard job picking a small few from my Australia and New Zealand collections, I took fecking hundreds of them!

Anyway, my first stop was Brisbane, Australia, so here are a few of my favourite photos from that leg of my trip.

I took a trip to Australia Zoo one day with some family…

Kangaroo chilling out in the afternoon sun. How relaxed does this guy look?

I hope I’m never as wrinkly as this Galapagos turtle!

A cassowary, apparently very dangerous – look at the legs on that bird!

Dusk in Brisbane city.

Just your average day on Stradbroke Island.

The main highway on Moreton Island 🙂

More to follow soon…

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