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Or rather Back to the Past.
What if you could write a letter to a younger you at what you now know to be a crucial point in your life with guidance and advice on what to do next? I woke up thinking of this this morning for some reason and have composed a letter several times over in my head, each one being scrapped as being too scary or too much information or not clear enough for the younger me to take notice of.
I think the first crucial point (of several) I would have to go to was when I was around 15. Not an exact moment or anything but it was after the Junior Cert that life seemed to get unhappy, complicated and scary and it didn’t have to.
I’m going to try and compose something meaningful and helpful and see what happens.

So…back to 1993 then…

Dear Daisy,

That’s as far as I can get. I don’t know where to start. What would you tell a younger you?

I’ll be back to finish this.

Perhaps I should set this up as a meme…hmmmmm…3 things you would tell the 15 year old you…


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