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Blonde Moment #3

It pains me that after my last post I have had just so many blonde moments to choose from. Honestly there has been a plethora of dopeyness pervading my every day life…nothing too sinister so I shouldn’t complain really.

I thought I should post about today though. I have managed to do two dumb things…one of which I have done before unforunately 😦

The other is no big deal. I was making egg mayonnaise for lunch and I messed up the hard-boiled eggs. Yep, I managed to feck up hard boiling an egg…HOW you ask? I don’t know. I think I didn’t boil them for long enough cos they were still a bit runny in the middle. After I cooled them and peeled them, they were still runny. So I lashed them back into a pot of boiling water & poached them for a few minutes too, just to be sure. It was yummy egg mayonnaise but I’m not sure it was worth all the waiting!

The other thing. Well. Ladies you know what it’s like when you are having one of those showers, when you need to do a facial and wash your hair and condition your hair, and de-fuzz and all sorts of things-you’d be in there for ages. Anyway today was just such a morning for moi.

In I got, into the shower.

Wash hair-check (after wetting hair and realising I had no shampoo & conditioner left, hopping out of shower sopping wet, wrapping self in towel, shivering, popping out to hot press where I keep new supplies of shampoos and things and back to the shower where I had to wait for it to heat up again.

Condition hair-check. Couldn’t comb it as I could not find my comb anywhere…later found in a paper bag on the landing?!

Rinse off face mask-check.

Wash face-check.

Rinse off in-shower Veet-check.

Turn off shower, lash baby oil on over my whole body-quicker than using body lotion. Moisturise feet. Get out & begin to dry myself off. Then a fleeting thought goes skipping through my mind, like a flat stone your dad has thrown skipping along the surface of a lake before it disappears forever. I continue to dry. Thought pops by again. I look inside the shower. I look at the bottle of shower gel. And I realise I haven’t used it today. Nope. I’ve had a shower without washing myself.

And it’s not the first time either.


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Blonde Moment #2

Well. After my very first Blonde moment post I was sure I would have something silly to write about at least once a fortnight. I was wrong. Apparently I’m not as ditsy as I thought I was, or by virtue of the fact that I now wanted it to happen so I could write about it – it didn’t happen any more.

Then this week came along. And with it about 6 months worth of dizziness in the space of a day and a half.

I won’t even try to list them all here, it ranged from wandering around McDonalds looking for straws, sitting down defeated at the table only for my partner to point out the two straws on the tray I’d been holding – to Tuesday morning’s shenanigans. Ah Tuesday. Heading into town early in the car but before we left the house I realised there was something I really needed for the day. Tesco was the only store open at that time so we had to go to Tesco. I bought what I needed, we left Tesco. I suddenly remembered I’d left my phone at home. Had to drive back home for the phone, then back on the road to town. Park the car, head to our day-long meeting only to discover…yes, I am a twit. Tesco supplies – still in car miles and miles away. So I had to pop out to another blinking shop and purchase the same bloody things again. Doh!

Anyway it’s all over now…til next time

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Blonde moment #1

I know a lot of bloggers have their Thoughts of the Day type posts. But I thought I might as well share a little of me and give you a laugh while I’m at it. Before reading on, please note that I am an intelligent and sensible human being most of the time 😛

Unfortunately sometimes I have days that beggar belief 😀

Recently I was all tucked up on the sofa with a duvet, resting, watching tv and generally being a lazy arse. And I couldn’t find the tv remote. I started pulling up cushions and the duvet on top of me, looking under where I was sitting, frantically searching for the remote I’d had not two minutes before.

Eventually I spotted it.

In my right hand.


Nuff said.

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