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Happy Christmas indeed. What does one buy for the woman who has everything she wants or needs? She has every kitchen gadget known to man, every useful one anyway, the rest having been declared as ‘pure rubbish’ or a ‘dead loss’. She wants for nothing in the clothes department – I couldn’t afford her style anyway – and she has enough knick knacks and ornaments bought on travels abroad and for Christmases and birthdays to fill a charity shop. If she did that kind of thing (that’s a whole other blog post!)

daffodilsSo…for her last birthday she asked me to buy her some good quality daffodil bulbs which I duly did. So what to buy her for Christmas I pondered (some time back in December ’08 in case you were wondering). She has recently discovered the joys and delicious badness of the girls in Desperate Housewives but of course has missed the previous two or three series. I could buy her a box set! But without a dvd player it’s a bit useless…and the thoughts of teaching her to use a dvd player *shudder* She won’t even change her 17-inch portable in the living room because she knows where all the buttons on the remote are.

She has also started to buy a particular magazine which she seems to enjoy so I thought, if I see nothing else I will buy her a years subscription for that-genius! All other attempts failed so the magazine subscription it was. I sent an email to the address on the website on Christmas Eve – I know, I know, very late but it’s not as though you can hand over a subscription anyway is it? Email sent was very simple and as follows:

Hi there,
I would like to sign up for a subscription to You and Your magazine for 2009.
Can you please contact me for credit card details?

The delivery address is as follows:
Mrs. Whoops A. Daisy,
123 Bogger’s Lane,
Posh suburb,

The Billing address is:
Ms. Whoops A. Daisy,
123 Blogger’s Lane,
Completely Unposh Suburb,

My phone number is 0871231231,

Many thanks,

Simple right? I was expecting a simple phone call by return for payment but I never got one. So I emailed them again, this time on 28th January thinking that maybe in the after Christmas blues my email had been overlooked. It was more or less the same as the first one. As was my repeat email of 14th February.

Why didn’t I call them? There is no customer service number listed on the website so I kept using the email in the hopes that they would answer me, eventually. They did have a number listed with a special offer which ended in November. I think I overlooked that phone number to be fair.

Why I kept going I do not know, I guess the thoughts of going shopping for the woman who has everything was too much to contemplate so I persevered. Next email was to the publishers…hey if the magazine team aren’t getting back to me surely someone responsible for Editorial and Commercial Enquiries will get back to me right? Wrong. Well not personally anyway. I emailed this guy on the 24th of February and today I received a phone call – a real live person on the phone to take my credit card details and to confirm the delivery address, a mere 9 days after the email to himself and 68 days after the initial contact on 24th December. Bravo!

Eddie if you want to give people advice on saving money, you should teach your staff to know that when someone emails them to say:

‘Hi. I’d like to give you money. Please call me.’

that that is easy money!

So from April on The Granny will get her magazine in the post, a bit late but it’s a year’s subscription so it’ll keep on coming even after next Christmas. Happy Christmas Granny 🙂


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Thank you Mr. Tea-leaf.

Thank you.

Thank you for walking through the Phoenix Park yesterday with your vigilant eyes and noticing that the back door of my car hadn’t locked properly with the central locking.

Thank you for alerting me to the fact by opening the door and climbing inside.

Thank you for shimmying over the seats into the front.

Thank you for adjusting my drivers seat to suit your long legs.

Thank you for reminding me that I shouldn’t leave the face of my car radio hidden in the driver car door by taking it for me.

Thank you for reminding me that the radio face does not work without the main body of the radio by taking that too.

Thank you for leaving the wires all tidy and neat and tied up so that I didn’t notice until I’d been sat in the car a couple of minutes.

Thank you for rifling through my glove box and chastising me about *still* having not stuck my toll tag to the windscreen by taking that too.

Thank you for reminding me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know my way, you took my freebie Fast Fit map from the door pocket too.

Thank you for leaving the chamois sponge with which to wipe my windscreen on the way home, that was nice of you.

Thank you for reminding me gently that the Gardaí in this country are so ineffective that I didn’t even dream of calling them until my travelling companion mentioned it to me.

Most of all thank you for reminding me that no matter what we do, wherever we go, there is always someone watching and waiting, waiting for someone to slip up so they can use it to their own advantage.

I hope your need was greater than mine ever will be.

Thank you Mr. Tea-leaf and happy Christmas to you too.

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