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Coolest. Beds. Ever.

How cool are these beds? They’re awesome and most of them look pretty comfy too!

How many times have you had that dream that you are flying or floating in the air? Now you can do it for real with a floating bed

I love the little legs on this one, though they are ever so slightly creepy looking too-makes it look like a giant centipede!

Just plain cool.

It’s been a long time since I have looked at something and felt that immediate longing, tugging deep inside my tummy telling me I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!! I felt it watching this video…and it just got stronger and stronger.

  • Want to have a double pod of your own complete with optional walls & ‘sunroof’? Check.
  • Lights inside? Check.
  • Music? Check.
  • Humongous screen for internet, games, dvds? Check.
  • Temperature control? Check.

Watch it and drool. I’m saving up right now. Or if anyone wants to buy me one for Christmas..?

Of course some of them are just plain stupid but that’s another story 😀

Video and pics thanks to www.freshome.com


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