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My attention was drawn to this wonderful photoblog by a post on Culch.ie today and I enjoyed the photos so much, I have added it to my blog roll and am sharing the site with you too. There are some wonderfully rich photos there, enjoy them all 🙂


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RENT, the musical

Thanks to Culch.ie I was able to go see the DCU Drama society’s production of RENT in the Olympia on 15th June last – thanks Culch.ie 😉

I had seen Rent before in the Olympia several years before with my younger sister so the story itself was not new to me. I had forgotten lots of it though, especially that it had a few numbers that had stuck with me afterwards. As others have said, the lighting was not good on the night and neither were the ‘special effects’ if that’s what they are called-at one point the two characters on stage were almost swallowed in a cloud of dry ice.

The story itself – who knew someone could have so much fun with AIDS, drug addiction and homelessness? I found it fairly easy to follow, the actors were quite good, their singing was brilliant but I was asked on my way out what the hell it had all been about? So maybe my prior knowledge had been of some help. Although an enjoyable evening, I felt that the whole thinkg went on a little too long.

There were some fab numbers though, such as the Tango Maureen, La Vie Boheme and my personal favourite Seasons of Love:

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It’s happening!!

At last someone has decided to give Irish pop culture culchure a kick up the arse and get blogging it. All of it! All in one place!


The Culchie blog has landed.

I’ve been promised there will be movie, music, gig and book reviews and by the look of things whatever else takes people’s fancy too.

Love this post from AJ about lunch bags! How cute are they?

Now if only they’d get rid of those blasted Watchmen images

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