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There seems to be a theme to my day today, various animals cheering me up and entertaining me.

First of all I came by these two fluffy beauties this morning as I drove down George’s Street in Dublin. They are both tied to the post you see there and patiently waiting for their owner to come back. I have heard from someone on Twitter that the same person does in fact, own both of them. Stunning!

Fluffy beauties

Fluffy beauties

Next, a friend sent me a link to a penguin story, about two penguins in the Zoo in San Francisco who caused quite a stir when they nested together – because they were both boy penguins! Sadly, they now seem to have borken up thanks to a conniving widow named Linda. Hmmph!

And finally…my favourite…thanks to @qikipedia on Twitter, who got it from @weirdimals…the piglet squid 😀

Ain’t he cute? Love the hair do…


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Things have been pretty hectic for me over the past few weeks, hence the drop in posts 😦

It’s been a very good kind of busy for the most part but I feel like I have abandoned ship here-I haven’t!! I’m just posting a little less than normal that’s all and a little more on Culch.ie…

I came across this pic a few minutes ago on the National Geographic website and thought ‘Oh what I wouldn’t do to be so comfy and worry-free right now!’ Lucky little fella.

Baby gorrilla asleep on his mammys back

Baby gorilla asleep on his mammys back

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Penguins are cool

How cute is this little guy? 🙂 Maybe not as cute as Annie’s dog story but still…

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