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The Granny spotted this in last week’s Irish Daily Mail. She’s a stickler for spelling and grammar etc., possibly due to having worked in advertising for many years and she had actually kept the newspaper just to show off the awful mistakes. She’s of the attitude that there is no need or reason for it and I happen to agree.

It’s shocking for a company claiming to be a self-appointed ‘government watchdog’ to be unable to place a simple and correct advertisement in a national paper. Are standards slipping everywhere, I wonder, or am I just more tuned into mistakes and errors these days? Maybe I’m just taking after The Granny 🙂

Full advert:




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All of us, whether with or without kids are surely aware of the phenomenal rates people are paying to have their children taken care of in a kind, caring and safe environment away from the home while Mammy and Daddy go off to earn the big bucks. They have to be big bucks to pay for what is, in most cases, akin to a second mortgage.
So in these times of recession how much compromise would you be willing to make to get your little darlings into a more affordable place?

I’m all for saving money where possible but even I wouldn’t even consider putting my kids (if I had any) in here. Wonder why it’s affordable?

As a friend would say ‘EPIC FAIL’!
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