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Inspired by Grannymar’s retelling yesterday of taking her digital camera for a walk in the park, and also inspired by the fabulous weather, I took a spin down to the Phoenix Park by myself to top up my Vitamin D and freckles.

Normally I’d just have had a ramble around and sat down on a bench to read my book but yesterday I had my eyes peeled, looking for some nice photos to take. I think I got a few nice ones, what do you think?

I took a walk through a tree-lined laneway in Farmleigh which beckoned to me as I walked through the gate. There were so many trees along it the sun was barely shining through them though, so I didn’t stay in there for too long.

As I walked along the laneway a fluffy, pure, white feather drifted down to the ground at my feet. A year or more ago a friend went for an ‘angel card reading’ and was told that a white feather appearing was a sign of your guardian angel being nearby. Not usually one to believe in such things I nevertheless liked this idea and I still take special time to appreciate white feathers that cross my path and the warm, fuzzy feeling that a guardian angel might be taking the walk with me was welcome 🙂

On I went, when the ‘Lakeside walk’ took an unexpected turn into an open clearing of trees and grass, home to an unusual piece of art

The house itself was closed so no tour for me yesterday. It was too nice to be indoors anyway!

There are so many pretty gardens there in Farmleigh, the Sunken Garden, a walled garden, a vegetable garden. I took lots of pictures of them the last time I was there (taking pictures of flowers is a penchant of mine!) but this time a little bunch of flowers hiding from the sun in the shade of a tree caught my eye

I came across the saddest horse ever in the paddock, he looked like he needed a big hug or a good rub or something, look at his poor face! Maybe it was just a little too hot for him.

A further walk out along the lake took me along the glass-like lake, the water was amazingly calm apart from when a duck went flitting across the surface!

And back out to the Phoenix Park itself with me where I did find an empty bench under a tree in the sun where I could read my book in peace-bliss!

EVERY weekend should have an afternoon like this don’t you think?


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