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If any of you have been living under a rock and never heard of this book by Oonagh O’Hagan, I personally do not lick my cheese 😀 It is the title of a collaborative book put together by Ms O’Hagan some time ago with the hilarious & sometimes worrying notes that people left for each other in houses & flats shared by both friends and strangers.

I lick my cheese

Ms O’Hagan is now in the process of putting together a collection of the “sauciest, soppiest, strangest, sillest & scariest love notes” she can get her hands on & is looking for contributions here.

Love, the most magical of all the emotions. It can turn frogs into princes, wilting wallflowers into lusty Lotharios and unleash the inner poet in even the most tongue-tied teenagers (see above).

Oonagh’s looking for any notes that have been written in the name of Love and have a story to tell; the sizzling passion of a new relationship, a flirty fling, lamenting an unrequited love, embittered by a good-thing-gone-bad or even a cryptic valentine.

Notes are to be shared to celebrate love in the broadest sense and identities will be protected, to spare blushes.

Here’s a sampler given on the site:

I thought I might include a few of my own, like the note I found on top of my closed laptop last week. It said

Know what you are eh?

I was a bit befuddled and the writer of the note (a friend) would not tell me where the rest of it was. Eventually I found it when I opened the laptop later to do some work, stuck to the screen.

Sure you’re only fukken brilliant!

It sure made me smile but it’s not a love note in the strict sense of the word so I’ll keep it for myself!

Do you have any love notes, emails, texts or photos you’re ready to show to the world?


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