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You’ve got to love Ben Dunne. What you see is what you pretty much get with him and the fact that he insists on doing his own (sometimes questionable quality) radio ads just proves that there are no airs and graces about him, no faffing about, nothing to hide.

Recently I joined one of Ben Dunne’s gyms thanks to a rock bottom price of €175 for a 15 month membership.

The reason it was so low, apparently, was that they were getting rid of the swimming pool and all other wet facilities (steam room, sauna, jacuzzi) to make way for more equipment. In my mind I was thinking that the place is probably going to be closed for a month or so to facilitate the works, hence the great price.
However when I visited the gym on Tuesday last, I was handed the letter below.

Ben Dunne_2

Text of letter in case you can’t read it:

Dear Member,

Westpoint Health & Fitness Club has reversed the decision to close the Pool, Sauna, Steam room and Jacuzzi facilities in the club.

The decision to close the pool area was spearheaded by me, however, after further discussions with my directors, management and members, I realised I got it wrong.

I would like to apologize to the members for any inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Dunne

Not only is he man enough to say ‘Hey I had an idea but I got it wrong’, Mr. Dunne has the strength of character to say sorry too, in writing, and to hundreds of people. There aren’t too many public figures in Ireland who’d do the same.

If only the government could take a leaf out of his book…”we tried this, it didn’t work so we’re going to stop now and try something else” – imagine the difference that would make!


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