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I did it! For the first time ever I donated a pint of my finest in the IBTS on Monday. Incidentally, it is also their Blood For Life week 14th-21st September.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect and when one of the medics ‘attacked’ me with a stapler type thing to my finger to squeeze out a few drops of blood to test my iron levels, I started to think “What the hell am I doing here??”

I don’t mind telling you it hurt. A lot. But I did get a nice roundy plaster on it 🙂

Off to the canteen then to be fed before they could draw blood, how nice! And back to the nurses station to do the deed. I’m not sure if it was to reassure me or make me feel good but it all got a bit weird for me when the nurse and doctor talked amongst themselves about what a ‘great vein’ I had. I would have thought they all looked the same-but what would I know I suppose. When the deed was done the nurse was very careful about letting me stand up.
“Are you sure you are ok? Do you feel faint? Light-headed?”
Me: “No I’m fine, honestly” although in my head I’m imagining me crumpling to the floor like a deck of cards as soon as I try to stand up.

I stand up.

Gingerly, and expecting the worst.

No head rush, no fainting feeling, no dizziness. Hurray! So I go have another rest, another snack and off I go, happy with my good deed done for the day.

Well for the week surely?? I think that’s a week’s worth of kindness on my part, what do you reckon?

Incidentally, while in the canteen having my first snack, a guy came in having given blood and the nurse asked what he would like to drink, juice or a fizzy drink? ‘I’d love a Guinness’ says he. I thought he was joking, but she cracked a bottle open for him and he sat down with his choccie bar and a glass of Guinness!

And she wouldn’t even give me a cup of tea – hmmmph.


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