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I’ve just got an interesting flyer in the door for a new scheme called EasiSteps being launched this weekend. It’s being touted as ‘Ireland’s First “Phased Deposit Purchase Plan”‘ and apparently EasiSteps will ‘Let you live in your new home rent-free* while saving it’

*Rent-free is marked as Terms & Conditions apply, which according to the website means that you pay a monthly ‘deposit’ for the time you live there until you get a mortgage, up to a maximum completion period of 2 years. No mention of what happens if you still have no mortgage approval after two years though 😮

Easi Steps logo

Easi Steps logo

I reckon it’s a great step in the right direction myself, it is sad to see so many empty houses out there and on the other hand so many people who’d love to own their own homes.

With the Easi Steps Purchase Plan, homes already contructed and ready for occupation can be purchased from the developer over an agreed period, offering buyers the chance to move in straight away and complete at a mutually agreeable time in the future.

We’ll probably be seeing a lot more of these schemes in the future. I did read recently that the Government were heralding some new scheme called ‘Home Choice Loans’ .

Home Choice Loan logo

Home Choice Loan logo

According to the recent issue of Community Voice newspaper for Dublin 15:

…part of the pre-requisites being that you must have been knocked back twice by the commercial banks

before you can even think about applying to the Government for the scheme. The initiative has been in place since the start of the year, but in Dublin 15 at least there have been zero applications to date. (Community Voice)

Presumably with builders or property developers having a vested interest in getting people paying them money as soon as possible, their schemes such as this new EasiSteps are likely to have a lot less red tape surrounding them and will be much easier to access for first time buyers 🙂


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Snow clouds

These clouds are lurking above my house, they look pretty – and potentially full of snow 🙂




Here’s hoping 😀

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