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I’ve just come across this news story and to say I am bewildered is an understatement!

I thought that we, as a nation or society, had moved past this, that these types of attitudes had remained in the last century where they belonged but apparently I was wrong. According to this news story students in Northern Ireland believed the following just 3 years ago in 2005

  • Rape victims who flirted with their attacker are partially or totally responsible for what happened to them, according to 46% of the young people interviewed for the study.
  • women who wear revealing clothing are effectively inviting rapists to target them.
  • Almost half of students in the North believe women who flirt only have themselves to blame if they are later raped
  • one in 10 local students considers violence acceptable against a girlfriend who nags, flirts with other men or refuses to have sex.

Three years is not really that long ago so I can only assume that attitudes have not changed hugely in the three years since. If they had said it was a group of OAPs they had surveyed I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid (much), older people have very different views on these things but to think that there are young people out there with these beliefs and attitudes is pretty damn scary in my opinion.

When will they start to teach children in school about things like personal boundaries?

Teach them what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour?

Teach them that rape or assault (sexual or otherwise) is just unacceptable?

Am I blowing this out of proportion? What do other people think of the report?


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