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Crazy drivers

Normally I hate them. On Friday it was me. A misty rain, a strange city, contacts sticking to my eyeballs all led to an evening of fear for my driving companion and frustration for me.

A wrong turn taken onto a motorway led to a 4 mile trip in the wrong direction before we came to an exit where we could turn around and go back. Even at this point I hopped off at the wrong roundabout exit and almost ended up heading to another city entirely. My companion was getting seriously worried.

Off we went again…found the (correct) city, we even found the restaurant we were going to pretty easily…not so a parking spot. Round and round in a square we went. I broke filter lights (unknowingly), I almost crashed side-on into a big Mercedes trying to get to an underground car park. The driver was none too pleased.

I carried on, shaken but not stirred ๐Ÿ˜‰ as my companion asked was I ok? We came out of a side street and edging out into the traffic I almost rubbed bumpers with an approaching car. A police car ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Luckily for us the angry police man decided not to stop in the rain but instead to make an aggressive ‘watch the road’ sign with his fingers up to his glasses รก la Robert De Niro in ‘Meet The Fockers’

Eeek! We found a multi-storey car park still open on our second venture around one particular block (hurrah!) and in we went. I took a ticket from the machine…“Car Park closes at 10pm” my companion says. Shite! A u-turn at the entrance to the car park was added to my by now long list of misdemeanours and I abandoned the car on the very next street. She was locked up well and stayed there safe til we came back. Me refreshed and ready for bed. Oh so ready for bed!


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So there I am walking down a street in Dublin city centre minding my own business.

I feel good.

I’ve just done a good deed, I’m happy with myself and I am heading to meet friends for drinks-what could be better? All of a sudden my reverie is broken by an ‘average’ looking man coming the other way on the foot path. By average I mean he looked relatively normal. He has wavy, grey hair, somewhat long, he’s wearing glasses, he looks about late fifties (old enough to know better?), wearing a black leather jacket and carrying a closed umbrella.
Finger pointing
He points an angry finger straight at me and says “Fuck you people. Fuck you all!!”


If I’d been in a different mood I might have pondered what it was ‘my people’ had ever done to him but as it was I had forgotten all about him by the time I got to the pub ๐Ÿ™‚


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