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So there I am walking down a street in Dublin city centre minding my own business.

I feel good.

I’ve just done a good deed, I’m happy with myself and I am heading to meet friends for drinks-what could be better? All of a sudden my reverie is broken by an ‘average’ looking man coming the other way on the foot path. By average I mean he looked relatively normal. He has wavy, grey hair, somewhat long, he’s wearing glasses, he looks about late fifties (old enough to know better?), wearing a black leather jacket and carrying a closed umbrella.
Finger pointing
He points an angry finger straight at me and says “Fuck you people. Fuck you all!!”


If I’d been in a different mood I might have pondered what it was ‘my people’ had ever done to him but as it was I had forgotten all about him by the time I got to the pub 🙂



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